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$ 12.50Dance While You Can. MacLaine, Shirley
New York; 1991, Bantam. 303 pp. HC

$ 28Letters of Archibald MacLeish 1907-1982. MacLeish, Archibald
Boston; 1983, Houghton Mifflin. 471 pp. Cloth

$ 200Life of Sir John A. MacDonald. Two volumes. MacPherson, J. Pennington:
St. Johns, N. B.; 1891, Earle Publishing House. First Edition. xvi, 549, 475 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 650The Woman in Battle: A Narrative of the Exploits Adventures and Travels of...L.J.Velazquez. Madame Loreta Janeta Velazquez, otherwise known as Lieutenant Harry T. Buford, Confederate States Army.
Hartford; 1876, T. Belknap. First Edition. 606 pp. Leather 8vo.

$ 45Fools Crow. Mails, Thomas E.
Garden City, New York; 1979, Doubleday. 278 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 30Daphne Du Maurier: Letters From Menabilly. Malet, Oriel ed.
London; 1993, Weidenfeld & Nicolson. 303 pp. Cloth

$ 20Memoirs of Life and Literature. Mallock, W. H.
New York; 1920, Harper & Brothers. First Edition. VIII, 379 pp. HC 8v0.

$ 145Frank Lloyd Wright To 1910: The First Golden Age. Manson, Grant Carpenter
New York; 1958, Reinhold Publishing Co. First Edition. 228 pp. Cloth 26.5 x 21cm.

$ 35Selected Letters of Vanessa Bell. Marler, Regina ed.
New York; 1993, Pantheon. 593 pp. HC

$ 18Queen of the Ritz. Marx, Samuel
Indianapolis; 1978, Bobbs-Merrill. 207 pp. Cloth

$ 12Nicholas and Alexandra. Massie, Robert K.
New York; 1966, Atheneum. 613 pp. HC

$ 28Casanova. Masters, John
New York; 1969, Bernard Geis. 302 pp. Cloth

$ 38Casanova. Masters, John
New York; 1969, Bernard Geis & Assoc. 302 pp. Cloth

$ 14.50I Remember, I Remember. Maurois, Andre
New York; 1942, Harper. 310 pp. Cloth

$ 30Voltaire. Maurois, Andre.
; 1932, Peter Davies Ltd. First British Edition. 158 pp. Cloth 12mo.

$ 18.50Lelia: The Life of George Sand. Maurois, Andre
New York; 1954, Harper. 482 pp. HC

$ 28Outsiders: A Study in Life and Letters. Mayer, Hans
Cambridge; 1982, MIT Press. 434 pp. Cloth

$ 25How I Grew. McCarthy, Mary
San Diego; 1987, HBJ. 278 pp. HC

$ 25Bogey. The Films of Humphrey Bogart. McCarty, Clifford
New York; 1965, Bonanza Books. 191 pp. Cloth 28.5 x 22cm.

$ 28Me and Kit. McClintic, Guthrie
Boston; 1955, Little, Brown & Co. 341pp. HC

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