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$ 12Scoundrel Time Hellman, Lillian
Boston; 1976, Little Brown. 155 pp. Cloth

$ 25Bettina. A Portrait. Helps, Arthur and Elizabeth Jane Howard.
London; 1957, Chatto and Windus. First Edition. 223 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 15King of Romance: A Portrait of Alexandre Dumas. Hemmings, F.W.J.
London; 1979, Hamish Hamilton. 231 pp. Cloth

$ 22Me. Stories of My Life. Hepburn, Katharine
New York; 1991, Alfred A. Knopf. 421 pp. Cloth

$ 12Laura Z: A Life. Hobson, Laura Z.
New York; 1986, Donald I. Fine. 331 pp. HC

$ 40Lytton Strachey: The Unknown Years, The Years of Achievement 2 Vols. Holroyd, Michael
New York; 1967, Holt Rinehart & Winston. 475, 754 pp. Cloth

$ 30Note Book of Elbert Hubbard: Mottoes, Epigrams, Short Essays, Passages, Orphic Sayings and Preachments. Hubbard, Elbert II
New York; 1927, Wm. H. Wise & Co. 208 pp plus vi index. Cloth 8vo 24x17cm.

$ 60Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Reformers. Vol. XXI. Hubbard, Elbert:
East Aurora, NY; 1907, Roycrofters Shop. 169 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 25Chopin. The Man and his Music. Huneker, James
New York; 1924, Charles Scribner's Sons. First Edition. 415 pp. Cloth 12mo.

$ 22An Open Book. Huston, John
New York; 1980, Alfred A. Knopf. 391pp. Cloth

$ 20Winslow Homer: America's Old Master. Hyman, Linda:
Garden City, N. Y., .; 1973, Doubleday. First Edition. 95 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 12That Great Lucifer: A Portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh. Irwin, Margaret
Toronto; 1960, Clarke, Irwin and Co. 320 pp. Cloth

$ 25Jean Jaures: His Life and Work. Jackson, J. Hamden
London; 1943, George Allen & Unwin Ltd. 204 pp. Cloth

$ 20Caesar: The Man. Jelusich, Mirko
New York; 1930, Richard R. Smith, Inc. 429 pp. Cloth

$ 30Charles Dickens: His Tragedy and Triumph. Johnson, Edgar
New York; 1952, Simon & Schuster. 1158 pp. Cloth

$ 50Life and Work of Sigmund Freud in 3 Vols. Jones, Ernest
New York; 1953, Basic Books. 428, 512, 537 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 15Edwardian Youth. Jones, L.E.
London; 1956, MacMillan. 249 pp. Cloth

$ 25D'Annunzio. Jullian, Philippe
New York; 1973, Viking. 366 pp. HC

$ 45Days With Ulanova. Kahn, Albert
London; 1962, Collins. 236 pp. Cloth 4to 29 x 21.5 cm.

$ 38Days With Ulanova. Kahn, Albert
New York; 1962, Simon & Schuster. 236 pp. Cloth 4to 29 x 21.5 cm.

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