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The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America vol. 84:4, December 1990,
Peterson, William S., Sandra Molyneaux, Editors.
New York: 1990, The Bibliographical Society of America.
[17], pp 358-451, [13] pp. Softcover. 8vo, 23 x 15.5 cm.
Illustrations: Illustrations.
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From the content: Book Publishing 1835-1900: The Anglo-American Connection. By James L. W. West III. The Career of Charles F. Heartman And The Tradition of Collecting Americana. By Gary A. Donaldson. Bibliographic Notes: Francis Bacon: An Unpublished Manuscript. By David M. Bergeron. The Printing of the Dryden-Tonson "Miscellany Poems" (1684) and "Sylvae" (1685). By Paul Hammond. An Emended "Much Ado About Nothing", Act V, Scene iii. By Jeffrey Rayner. Book Reviews: Charles Hamilton. "The Hitler Diaries; Fakes That Fooled the World." e.a. Short Notices, Index. , Table of Contents for the total of 4 volumes laid in. Cream colour wraps.
Fine, without markings or underlinings.

ID: 992137

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