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$ 18Hunters and the Hunted. Sitwell, Sacheverell
New York; 1948, MacMillan. 314 pp. Cloth

$ 30Necessary Secrets: The Journals of Elizabeth Smart. NEW Smart, Elizabeth.
Toronto; 1988, Deneau Publishers. First thus. 285 pp. Softcover 8vo.

$ 30Entering Rooms. Smith, John
London; 1973, Chatto And Windus/ The Hogarth Press. First Edition. 39 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 25Madame de Stael. Sorel, Albert
London; 1892, Unwin. 262 pp. Cloth

$ 30Gertrude and Alice. Souhami, Diana
London; 1991, Pandora. 300 pp. Cloth

$ 30Stevie Smith. A Critical Biography. Spalding, Frances
London; 1988, Faber and Faber. IX, 331 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 15The Faerie Queene Book I. Spenser, Edmund.
London; 1966, Oxford UP. 344 pp. HC 12mo.

$ 20Letters of Leonard Woolf. Spotts, Frederic ed.
San Diego; 1989, HBJ. 616 pp. HC

$ 18The Strange Life of August Strindberg. Sprigge, Elizabeth
London; 1949, Hamish Hamilton. ix, 246 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 25Apollinaire: Poet Among the Painters. Steegmuller, Francis
New York; 1963, Farrar, Staruss and Company. 365 pp. HC

$ 25 Die Deutsche Novelle 1880-1950. Expanded edition. Steinhauer, Harry.
New York; 1958, W. W. Norton. First thus. vii, 392 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 25A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy. With an introduction by Oliver Warner and Illustra- tions by Nigel Lambourne. Sterne, Laurence
London; 1949, The Folio Society. 191 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 35Bitter Fame: A Life of Sylvia Plath. Stevenson, Anne:
Boston; 1989, Houghton Mifflin. First US Edition. 413 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 95Ship of Flame: A Saga of the South Seas. Stone, William.
New York; 1945, Alfred A. Knopf. First Edition. 165 pp. HC 4to.

$ 25Books & Characters French & English. Strachey, Lytton
London; 1924, Chatto & Windus. 264 pp. Cloth

$ 35Alienation: The Cultural Climate of Our Time. 2 Vols. Sykes, Gerald. ed.
New York; 1964, George Braziller. First Edition. 1237 pp. Cloth 8to.

$ 55Basileon: A Magazine of King's College, Cambridge 1900-1914. Tennyson, Charles., (Introduction).
London; 1974, Scolar Press. First thus. 363 pp. Cloth 4to.

$ 95Lord Alfred Tennyson. A Memoir by His Son. 2 Volumes. Tennyson, Hallam
New York, London; 1898, MacMillan. Vol. I VIII + 516 pp, Vol. II VII + 551 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 75Tennyson And His Friends. Tennyson, Lord Hallam, ed.
London; 1911, MacMillan. First Edition. XIII + 503 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 45Adventures of Philip, The: On His Way Though the World Showing Who Robbed Him, Who Helped Him, and Who Passed Him By. Vol 1. Thackeray, William Makepeace
London; 1879, Smith, Elder & Co. Limited Edition. 353 pp. Cloth 8vo.

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