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$ 60Ludwig Van Beethoven: Bicentennial Edition 1770-1970. Schmidt-Gorg, Joseph and Hans Schmidt, eds.
Hamburg; 1970, Deutsche Grammophon. 276 pp. HC 32cm X 32cm.

$ 55Across the Everglades. A Play for the Screen. Schulberg, Budd.
New York; 1958, Random House. First Edition. XXVIII plus, 126 pp. Cloth 12mo.

$ 20Academy Awards. Shale, Richard
New York; 1978, Ungar. 615 pp. Cloth

$ 30Talking Pictures With the People Who Made Them. Shorris, Sylvia and Marion Abbott Bundy
New York; 1994, New Press. 372 pp. HC

$ 25Music Lover's Handbook. Siegmeister, Elie
New York; 1943, William Morrow. 817 pp. Cloth

$ 20Dreyer in Double Reflection. Translation or Carl T. Dreyer's Writings About the Film (Om Filmen). Edited and with accompanying commentary and essays by Donald Skoller. Skoller, Donald. Ed.
New York; 1973, E.P. Dutton. First Edition. 205 pp. Softcover 8vo.

$ 25Musical Comedy in America. Smith, Cecil
New York; 1950, Theatre Arts Books. 374 pp. HC

$ 15Barbra: The First Decade. Th Films and Career of Barbra Streisand. Spada, James
New York; 1976, Citadel. 224 pp. HC 28 x 21cm.

$ 65My Life in Art. Stanislavsky, Constantin.
Boston; 1924, Little, Brown and Co. First Edition. xii, 586 pp. HC large 8vo, 24,5x18,5 cm.

$ 30Tudor Church Music With Musical Examples. Stevens, Denis
London; 1961, 1966, Faber and Faber. 97 pp. Cloth

$ 40Here Come the Clowns. Swortzell, Lowell
New York; 1978, Viking. 245 pp. HC

$ 25Rosebud. The Story of Orson Welles. Thomson, David
New York, ; 1996, Little, Brown. First US Edition. [10], 463 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 55Pas de Vingt. Town, Harold & James Strecker:
Oakville, New York; 1984, Mosaic Press. Signed Edition. 77 pp. Softcover 4to.

$ 15Story of Films. Vereker, Barbara.
London, ; 1961, Hutchinson. First Edition. 128 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 20Search For Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe. Wagner, Jane
New York; 1986, Harper & Row. 224 pp. Cloth

$ 12.50Eyes on Mime. Language Without Speech. Walker, Kathrine Sorley
New York; 1969, John Day Co. 190 pp. Cloth

$ 25Magic Moments From the Movies Yost, Elwy
Toronto; 1978, Doubleday. 246 pp. HC

$ 15Through a Film Darkly. A Three Crowns Book. de Graft, J. C.:
London; 1970, Oxford University Press. First Edition. 61 pp. Softcover 12mo.

$ 25Pimporello. A Fable for All Ages. Marceau, Marcel, Adapted and Edited by Robert Hammond:
London; 1991, Peter Owen. First British Edition. 88 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 10Zoo Zoo Widdershins Zoo. Laffan, K. B.:
London; 1969, Faber & Faber. First Edition. 72 pp. Softcover small 8vo.

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