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$ 50The Life and Times of Lord Strathcona. Preston, W.T.R.
Toronto; 1914, McClelland, Goodchild and Stewart. First Canadian Edition. 324 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 45The Life and Times of Lord Strathcona. Preston, W.T.R.
London; 1914, Eveleigh Nash. 324 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 18Machiavelli. Prezzolini, Giuseppe
New York; 1967, Farrar, Straus & Giroux. 372 pp. Cloth

$ 30Julian the Apostate. Ricciotti, Giuseppe
Milwaukee; 1960, Bruce Publishing Co. 275 pp. Cloth

$ 75The Story of South Africa. An Account of the Historical Transformation of the Dark Continent by the European Powers and the Culminatiing Contest Between Great Britain and the South African Republic in the Transvaal War. Ridpath, John Clark, Edward S. Ellis, John A. Cooper and J. H. Aiken
Guelph, Ontario; 1899, World Publishing. First Edition. 889 pp. Cloth 4to, 10x8x2 in.

$ 12.50Parties and Politics in America. Rossiter, Clinton.
Ithaca; 1960, Cornell UP. Third printing. 205 pp. Cloth 8 3/4 x 5 3/4.

$ 20The Four Days of Mayaguez. Rowan, Roy
New Yord; 1975, W. W. Norton. First Edition. 224 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 12.50Nigeria. The Political and Economic Background. Royal Institute of International Affairs.
London; 1964 reprint [1st ed. 1960], Oxford University Press. 141 pp. PB 12mo.

$ 35In the Imperial Shadow. Saghaphi, Mirza Mahmoud Khan
New York; 1932, Doubleday. First Edition. VI, 403 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 65In the Imperial Shadow. Saghaphi, Mirza Mahmoud Khan
New York; 1932, Doubleday. VI, 403 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 75Iceland. Sanders, Pamela & Roloff Beny. Foreword by John Julius Norwich
Toronto; 1985, McClelland & Stewart. 208, 146 illustrations, 46 in colour. Cloth 4to.

$ 15Mollie: The Journal of Mollie Dorsey Sanford in Nebraska & Colorado Territories, 1857-1866. Sanford, Mollie Dorsey.
; 1959, Nebraska UP. First Edition. 196 pp. HC 9 1/2 x 6.

$ 35Richard II. Saul, Nigel
New Haven and London; 1997, Yale University Press. First Edition. 514 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 35In the Company of Writers. A Life in Publishing. Scribner, Jr., Charles. Based on the Oral History by Joel R. Gardner
London; 1990, Scribners. First Edition. 193 pp. HC 8vo 24x16 cm.

$ 35The Verbal and the Visual. Essays in Honor of William Sebastian Heckscher. Selig, Karl-Ludwig and Elizabeth Sears, ed.
1990; New York, Italica Press. First Edition. XIV, 255 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 45Last Empress of the French. Sergeant, Philip W.
London; , T. Werner Laurie. 408 pp. Cloth

$ 125The Life of King Henry V. Shakespeare, William
New York; 1951, The Limited Editions Club. Limited Edition. 158 pp. Cloth Folio.

$195Simcoe's Military Journal. Originally Published in London in 1784. Reprinted in Numbered Limited Edition Simcoe, John Graves, Ed. by John Gellner:
Toronto; 1962, Baxter Publ. Co. Limited Edition. viii, 150 pp. HC 4to.

$ 12Beyond Repair: The Urgent Need for a New World Organization. Simoni, Arnold
Don Mills; 1972, Collier-MacMillan. 210 pp. Cloth 8 1/2 x 5 1/2.

$ 30English Eccentrics. Sitwell, Edith
London; 1933, Faber and Faber. 332 pp. Cloth

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