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$ 20Syllabus of Physical Training For Schools, 1933. -
London; 1936, H.M. Stationery Office. 352 pp. HC 8 1/4 x 5 1/4".

$ 30Fisherman"s Paradise. Hambleton, Jack
Toronto, London, N.Y.; 1946, Longmans, Green & Co. Limited Signed. 172 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 30Holmes' Specialized Philatelic Catalogue of Canada and British North America. Holmes
Toronto; 1968, The Ryerson Press. 434 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 35On Trust for the Nation II. Williams-Ellis, Clough
London; 1949, Paul Elek. First Edition. 163 pp. Cloth small 4to 24,5x18,5 cm.

$ 15Microwave Cookbook: The Complete Guide. .New revised edition. Jester, Pat.
Los Angeles; 1988, HPBooks. 542 pp. Softcover 8vo.

$ 12American Guide to Wines: With Recipes for 100 Delectable Dishes, a Complete & Easy Guide to the Enjoyment of Wines, the Time-Saving Chart for Buying and Serving. Church, Ruth Ellen.
Chicago; 1963, Quadrangle Books. 272 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 28As I Said at the Time: A Lifetime of Cricket Swanton, E. W.
London; 1983, Willow Books. 542 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 35The Technique of Motor Racing Taruffi, Piero
London; 1964, Motor Racing Publications. 125 pp. Cloth 4to.

$ 10The Official Rules of Card Games: Hoyle Up-to-Date
Cincinnati; 1926, United States Playing Card Company. 240 pp. PB 12mo.

$ 18Auction Bridge for Beginners Work, Milton C
Philadelphia; 1928, John C. Winston. 136 pp. Cloth 12mo.

$ 15Gymnastic Nomenclature of the Young Men's Christian Associations of North America
New York; 1917, Association Press. 157 pp. Cloth 12mo.

$ 40A Field Guide to The Birds of Hawaii and the Tropical Pacific Pratt, Douglas, Phillip L. Bruner, and Delwyn G. Berrett
Princeton; 1987, Princeton University Press. First Edition. xx, 409 [plus 90 pp with colour plates]. Softcover 12mo.

$ 75Le Métier A Quatre Lames. Bériau, Oscar
Québec; 1941, Minister of Agriculture. First Edition. 236[4] pp. HC 4to.

$ 12Scout Games. Gilcraft "Gilcraft"
London; 1943, C. Arthur Pearson. 152 pp. Softcover 12mo.

$ 35The Art of the Wathervane. Miller, Steve.
Exton, PA; 1984, Schiffer Publishing. First Edition. 160 pp. HC 4to.

$ 50 Handbook for Patrol Leaders. Hillcourt, William.
New York; n. d. [1929], Boy Scouts of America. First Edition. [8], 399 pp. Softcover 12mo.

$ 20Restoring Old Houses. Hutchins, Nigel.
Toronto, New York; 1982, Van Nostrand Reinhold. First Edition. 240 pp. Softcover 4to 26x21,5 cm.

$ 15Catholic Home Schooling. A Handbook for Parents. Clark, Mary Kay, PhD.
Front Royal, VA; 1993, , Seton Home Study School Press. Signed Edition. xxi, 448, [6] pp. Softcover 8vo, .

$ 30Legacy to a Camper. The Story of Mary S. Edgar. Palm, Jocelyn.
Toronto; 1982, Canadian Camping Association. Signed Edition. 133 ppl. Softcover 8vo, .

$ 65The Wind and the Caribou. Hunting and Trapping in Northern Canada. Munsterhjelm, Erik.
Toronto; 1953, MacMillan of Canada. Signed Edition. 234 pp. HC 8vo.

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