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$ 29.95With Love From Butch. A Stratford Actor. [Mervyn (Butch) Blake]. Ashley, Audrey M.
Ripples, New Brunswick; 1999, AB Collector Publishing. First Edition. 246 pp., . Softcover 23x17cm.

$ 65European & American Musical Instruments Baines, Anthony
London; 1966, B T Batsford. 174 pp. Cloth

$ 25Memories. Barrymore, Ethel
New York; 1955, Harper & Brothers. 310 pp. Leather

$ 100The National Ballet of Canada. A Celebration with Photographs. Bell, Ken - Celia Franca.
Toronto; 1978, University of Toronto Press. Signed Edition. 284 pp. HC 25x25 cm.

$ 10Face to Face. A Film. Bergman, Ingmar
New York; 1976, Random House. 119 pp. Softcover 12mo.

$ 20My Father the Actor. Bernardi, Jack
New York; 1971, Norton. 233 pp. Cloth

$ 30Infinite Variety of Music Bernstein, Leonard
New York; 1968, Simon and Schuster. First Edition. 287 pp. Cloth

$ 25Pictorial History of Crime Films Cameron, Ian
London; 1975, Hamlyn. 221pp. Cloth 30 x 23cm.

$ 16.50Matinee Idols Carroll, David
New York; 1972, Arbor House. 160 pp. HC

$ 40The New York City Ballet. Chujoy, Anatole.
New York; 1953, Alfred A. Knopf. First Edition. xiii, 382, xv pp. HC 8vo.

$ 26Four Screenplays. Clair, Rene
New York; 1970, Orion Press. First US Edition. 441 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 75Reminiscences of a Dramatic Critic. With an Essay on the Art of Henry Irving. Clapp, Henry Austin
Boston, New York; 1902, Houghton, Mifflin - The Riverside Press. First Trade Edition. VIII, 241 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 20Comedy. A Critical Anthology. Corrigan, Robert W. ed.
New York; 1971, Houghton Mifflin. 769 pp. HC

$ 45Noel Coward Diaries. Coward, Noel, Graham Payn and Sheridan Morley, eds.
London; 1982, George Weidenfeld & Nicolson. First US Edition. 698 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 25Slow Fade to Black. The Negro in American Film, 1900-1942. Cripps, Thomas
New York; 1977, Oxford UP. 447 pp. Cloth

$ 34A Treasury of Gilbert & Sullivan. Deems, Taylor. ed.
NewYork; 1941, Simon and Schuster. 405 pp. HC

$15Films of Marlene Dietrich. Dickens, Homer
New York; 1970, Citadel. 223 pp. HC 27.5 x 21.5cm.

$ 45Notes of a Film Director. Eisenstein, Sergei
Moscow; 1956, Foreign Languages Publishing House. 207 pp. Cloth

$ 30Modern Music and Musicians for Vocalists. Elson, Louis C. ed.
New York; 1918, University Society. 608 pp. Cloth

$ 35Remembering Charlie. A Pictorial Biography. Epstein, Jerry
New York; 1989, Doubleday. 228 pp. Cloth 27x26 cm.

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