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Biography & Autobiography Titles

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$ 15VN: The Life and Art of Vladimir Nabokov. Field, Andrew
London; 1987, Queene Anne Press. 417 pp. Cloth

$ 20Rainbow. The Stormy Life of Judy Garland. Finch, Christopher
New York; 1975, Grosset & Dunlop. 255 pp. HC 26.5 x 23.5cm.

$ 15Life of Dylan Thomas. Fitzgibbon, Constantine
Boston; 1965, Little Brown. 375 pp. Cloth

$ 15Fonda. My Life. Fonda, Henry w/ Howard Teichmann
New York; 1981, NAL. 372 pp. HC

$ 55Life of Jonathan Swift, The. Vol 1 1667 - 1711. Forster, John
London; 1875, John Murray. xvi, 477, plus 20 pp catalogue. Cloth 8vo.

$ 25Memoirs of a Victorian Gentleman. Forster, Margaret
New York; 1978, William Morrow. 389 pp. HC

$ 25Yeats, W. B., A Life I. The Apprentice Mage. Foster, R. F.
New York; 1998, Oxford. 640 pp. PB 8vo.

$ 10A Solo in Tom-Toms: The Story of A Rocky Mountain Boyhood and the Quest For a Father. Fowler, Gene
New York; 1946, Viking Press. 390 pp. HC

$ 19.95Goodnight, Sweet Prince. The Life and Times of John Barrymore. Fowler, Gene
San Francisco; 1989, Mercury House. 477 pp. HC

$ 25A Man Called Cervantes: A Biographical Novel. Frank, Bruno
New York; 1935, Viking. 301 pp. Cloth

$ 30In Hiding. The Life of Manuel Cortes. Fraser, Ronald,
London; 1972, Allen Lane. First Edition. XVI, 238 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 12Dietrich. The Story of a Star. Frewin, Leslie
New York; 1967, Stein and Day. 192 pp. HC

$ 22.95Encounter on the Narrow Ridge: A Life of Martin Buber. Friedman, Maurice
New York; 1991, Paragon. 496 pp. HC

$ 25William Hutt. A Theatre Portrait. Garebian, Keith.
Oakville, Ont.; 1988, Mosaic Press. First Edition. 366 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 35Life of Carlyle. Garnett, Richard
London; 1887, Walter Scott. 185 pp. Cloth

$ 12Castrated. My Eight Months in Prison. Ginzburg, Ralph
New York; 1973, Avantgarde. First Edition. 35 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 20On the Edge. The Life & Times of Francis Coppola. Goodwin, Michael& Naomi Wise
New York; 1989, William Morrow. 512 pp. HC

$ 30Virginia Woolf: A Writer's Life. Gordon, Lyndall
London; 1984, Oxford UP. First Edition. 341 pp. Cloth 8vo.

$ 15Louis XIV and Twenty Million Frenchmen. Goubert, Pierre
New York; 1966, Pantheon. 350 pp. Cloth

$ 15Real F. Scott Fitzgerald Thirty-Five Years Later. Graham, Sheilah
New York; 1976, Grosset & Dunlop. 287 pp. Cloth

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