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$ 15New Orleans Woman: A Biographical Novel of Myra Clarke Gaines. Kane, Harnett T.
Garden City, NY; 1946, Doubleday. First Edition. 344 pp. Cloth 9 x 6.

$ 22Mark Twain and His World. Kaplan, Justin
New York; 1974, Simon and Schuster. 224 pp. Cloth

$ 25Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain. Kaplan, Justin
New York; 1966, Simon and Schuster. 424 pp. Cloth

$ 30You Might as Well Live. The Life and Times of Dorothy Parker. Keats, John
New York; 1970, Simon and Schuster. First Edition. 319 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 95Our Pioneer Heroes and Their Daring Deeds. The Lives and Famous Exploits of De Soto, Champlain, La Salle, Smith, Standish, Boone, Kenton, Brady, Crockett, Bowie, Houston, Carson, Harney, Custer, California Joe, Wild Bill, Buffalo Bill, Miles Crook, [etc.] Kelsey, D. M.
Philadelphia and St. Louis.; 1890, Scammell & Company. XVIII, 672 pp. Leather 8vo.

$ 20Shabunin Affair: An Episode in the Life of Leo Tolstoy. Kerr, Walter
Ithaca; 1982, Cornell UP. 205 pp. Cloth

$ 7.50Casanova. Kesten, Hermann
New York; 1955, 1962, Collier. 413 pp. PB

$ 18.50Shelley: The Man and the Poet. King-Hele, Desmond
New York; 1960, Thomas Yoseloff. 390 pp. Cloth

$ 45Memoirs of Philippe de Commynes. Kinser, Samuel ed.
Columbia; 1969, U of SC Press. 368 pp. Cloth

$ 33Prince Rupert: Admiral and General-at-Sea. Kitson, Frank.
London; 1998, Constable. First Edition. 336 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 20Peter Shaffer. Klein, Dennis A.
New York; 1993, Twayne. 261 pp. Cloth

$ 95Fuerst Bismarck, der Deutsche Reichskanzler. Ein Zeit- und Lebensbild fuer das deutsche Volk. Koeppen, Fedor von
Leipzig; 1876, Verlag von Otto Spamer. First Edition. 730 + XIII pp. Halbleder Small 4to.

$ 22Marlborough's Duchess:A Study in Worldliness. Kronenberger, Louis
New York; 1958, Knopf. 314 pp. Cloth

$ 30Max & Will: Max Beerbohm and William Rothenstein Their Friendship and Letters 1893 to 1945. Beerbohm, Max and William Rothenstein. Edited by Mary M. Lago and Karl Beckson.
London; 1975, John Murray. First Edition. xiv, 193 pp. HC 8vo.

$ 39.95Memoirs of an Art Dealer vol. 2. Laing, G. Blair
Toronto; 1982, McClelland and Stewart. 213 pp. HC 4to.

$ 18.50Pushkin: Poet and Lover. Lambert, Lydia
London; 1947, Aldor. 238 pp. Cloth

$ 18Fanny Stevenson: A Romance of Destiny. Lapierre, Alexandra
New York; 1995, Carrol & Graf. 556 pp. HC

$ 12.99Fanny Stevenson: A Romance of Destiny. Lapierre, Alexandra
New York; 1995, Carrol & Graf. 556 pp. HC

$ 18Lindbergh of Minnesota: A Political Biography. Larson, Bruce L.
New York; 1973, HBJ. 363 pp. Cloth

$ 1200Louis XVI. Le Vicomte de Failloux:
Paris; 1840, Delloye. First Edition. 524 pp. Half Leather 4to.

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